Getting Started With Wiki

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Wiki is a hawaiian word that means fast or quick.

  • Anyone can edit any page and is encouraged to do so. On a page you wish to change click on the edit (or sometime create link) in the top right corner of the page.
  • Each page keeps a history of all the changes made to it available via the 'view history' link in the top right corner of the page.
  • Recent changes lets you see everything that is happening on the wiki.
  • Words surrounded by pairs of brackets (for example [[SandBox]]) are automatically linked to the page named after the words within the brackets. If there is no such page, a red link is created as an invitation to create the page.

Do you feel a little worried about editing a wiki for the first time? What if you break it? What if you do something wrong that upsets the people already here? These concerns are normal. The best antidote is to simply take the plunge ... click edit, make a change (perhaps to this page?) and then click save! You cannot break the wiki ... anything you do can easily be untangled using the history. And folks who operate wikis are very helpful and delighted to have someone new edit their wiki. So don't just lurk, click edit, make a change, and then click save!

For more on the mechanics of editing see Help:Editing pages.